Maruyaki Takosenbei shop which has a long queue everyday in Enoshima-Shonan opened in Okinawa!

“Maruyaki takosenbei”, which have been featured in a lot of foreign media, is a popular local food shop located at Nakamise street in Enoshima island, FujisawaCity of Kanagawa prefecture.

“Maruyaki takosenbei” is the name of cracker made of fresh octopus.
Octopuses are washed very carefully, and seasoned with a confidential sauce to bring out the original taste of octopus.

After then, they are dusted, and pressed between 185-degree iron plates which are 1 ton in weight.
By being pressed for 2 minutes, they finally become “Maruyaki Takosenbei”!

One cracker is made of 2 or 3 octopuses. It’s perfect for snack and goes well with alcohol.
This freshly fragrant flavor makes you addicted!

The first Maruyaki takosenbei shop opening in Okinawa has a Okinawa original menu using a Okinawa salt, and take over the original taste.
Why don’t you feel an atmosphere of Okinawa to taste Maruyaki takosenbei?

We ship all over the country in Japan.